Do you own any smart home technology? Me - Amazon Echo & Philips Hue

Find Your Perfect Holiday Home #7: Wolborough House, South Devon - Love Chic Living

Looking for a holiday cottage with a difference. Look no further. This is an Edwardian mansion for 16 people so if you need something for a celebration, an anniversary or simply a big get together, this is for you. Oh, and OMG check out these views!

Giveaway time! I'm paired up with the lovely Green Lili to give one lucky reader a set of 3 tropical prints. So on trend right now, they'd look amazing on your walls. It's dead easy to enter, follow the instructions in the blog post and bam... you're good to go!

Oh and do share, I'd love to get the word out and let everyone know about this gorgeous company.

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Who's started their Christmas shopping?!

Blogger Spotlight: Jen Stanbrook, Love Chic Living | Vuelio

Want to know a few things about me, the blog and what it's like being a full time blogger? I've done a little interview today, and at the same time, from the same organisation, been ranked as one of the top 10 UK Interior Design Blogs 2017.
It's been a pretty good day!

Well done also to Tidylife Swoon Worthy Blog Fresh Design Blog Carole King Kate Watson-Smyth Stacey Szyperek Abigail Ahern BODIE and FOU


Lovely competition to win some beautiful bedding here, if anyone fancies a cheeky enter.

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How often do you all sit down and eat a meal together? Us: Once a week :(

How many indoor plants do you own?

Laura Mazza - Mum on the Run

What would you do if you found a mouse in the house? This is definitely worth the read. Hilarious!

Do you let your children pick their own room colours?

Let's be honest with one another. How often do you change your sheets?

How to Shop for Home Accessories at HomeSense - Love Chic Living

Happy Friday!

I've been on a shopping trip to HomeSense.
Want to see what I got? I've made a video showing you exactly what I found for my dining room makeover. (They are amazing!) Plus top tips on how to shop in this unique store.


Tell me one thing you change about your house for Autumn?

Still trying to figure out how many times to pin on Pinterest each day? This has the answer!

When's the right time to put the heating on?

If you're still not sure if you're using Pinterest correctly, or if it's right for your blog or business, this will help.
In my latest blog post, I'm going to back to basics, explaining how Pinterest really works and how you should use it if you're a blogger or business.
PLUS I'm sharing some pretty mind blowing statistics about why you would be crazy to miss out on the power of this platform.

#Pinterest #pincoach #pinteresthelp

Good morning and happy Friday! Anyone fancy a giveaway? I've got 2 of these fabulous Scandi tray tables, perfect for your living room or bedside, and I'm giving them away right now!
Easy entry, just follow the instructions via the little gadget in the post, and leave me a comment on the blog.

Have fun with it, oh and please do share :)
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2017 Bloggers Shortlist - Vuelio Blog Awards | Vuelio

I haven't mentioned this much, if at all this year, but Love Chic Living has been nominated for 3 blog awards this autumn. I've just found out about the 3rd and I'm a little bit chuffed to say the least.

1. BIBS (Brilliance in Blogging) Britmums Arts, Crafts and Design 2017
2. Amara Awards (pulled out of this one for various reasons but was still nominated!)
3. Vuelio Blog Awards DIY and Interior Design 2017

Thanks to anyone and everyone who has ever supported the blog over the last 5 years. It's still an amazing way to make my living and I'm thrilled that it's still being recognised by readers and organisations alike. Jen x

How to Transition your Bed from Summer to Winter - Love Chic Living

How do you transition your bedding from summer to winter?

My ideas and tips on the blog including an introduction to wool bedding. It's a game changer!

#naturalwool #woolbedding #britishwool #woolroom

Do you have display towels in your bathroom, just for show? Me: Hell yeh ;)

Whats the most essential item in your kitchen? I love my blender!

Do you have a 'man drawer'? A space for keys, phone chargers and old takeaway menus!

Key Trends at the Autumn Fair 2017 - Love Chic Living

Let's talk home trends. Ever wondered where they originate? Well next week sees the Autumn Fair held at the NEC, an event for traders to showcase all their latest trends to buyers. THIS is how we see new trends hitting our shops. Fascinating right?

I've pulled together some my favourite products from the fair, tapping into those that I think will be hot next season.

Hit the heart button if you like what you see!

Pinterest has changed a lot recently, and is continuing to change over the next few months. With the Christmas rush looming, you can create a bigger, wider audience with Pinterest's help. If you're still struggling to understand exactly how you should be using it properly for your blog or business, my PINSIGHT training is available on sale still for another 2 days. But be quick. It all ends tomorrow.

Find out more here - >

What's your favourite shop for home accessories at the moment?

PINSIGHT Pinterest Course: August Special Offer - Jen Stanbrook

Just a few days left in my Pinterest course summer sale!

If you want to learn how to grow your business or you blog using Pinterest, this will tell you everything you need to know, and how to do it.

PINSIGHT, my signature training is on sale for just a few more days, at 30% off the usual price.

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Let's have some fun! Comment with a GIF that best describes the style of your home.

BIG PINTEREST NEWS: Hashtags are coming. They're already being used in the US so we can assume they'll roll out to the UK soon. More information, what it means and importantly, what to do next, in the blog post.

Rug Trends and Inspirations for your Floors in 2017 - Love Chic Living

What kinds of rugs should you be putting on your floors this year? Well here's a little lowdown with Rug Mountain of what's hot!

Do you care if you buy something from a store that's copied a designer piece?

How long did it take to buy your last house?

Søstrene Grene

If you live near me in Nottingham, I highly recommend you check out this store. It's divine. Homewares, crafting, kids stuff and more. All at great prices. Unfortunately you can't buy online nor is there a store anywhere else in the UK. Come on Søstrene Grene, we want more!

Photos de la publication de Love Chic Living

I can't tell you how much I enjoy writing this series of posts.
It's a guide to finding the best holiday cottages in the UK, the ones that look fabulous as well as have great locations, so if you're looking for inspiration, this month is all about the Lake District.

For the Pinterest fans amongst you - bloggers and businesses. Have you considered what you *should* be pinning each month? There are definite trends on Pinterest and if you follow them (at the right times) you increase your saves, repins and clicks hugely.
Here's what you need to be pinning in August!

5 Reasons You Need Shutters in Your Home

Ever considered having window shutters? Or maybe you have them already. If so I'd love to know if you like this post, with 5 reasons why you should consider them for your home. I'd love to know if they're really not for you.

Are there any products you'd like to know more about in a YouTube review?

How to Create a Scandinavian Lagom Home Interior

How to embrace the Swedish lagom way of life and interpret this into your home. My new post up on the blog today. Move over Hygge, lagom is here for Autumn.

House cleaning: something you do on a particular day or just 'as and when'?

Coffee tables. A living room essential or a waste of time?

Gardening. Love it or hate it?

What's the best feature about where you live? I love my community.

What's your worst decorating mistake? Mine: adding food colouring to paint 🤣🤣🤣

PINSIGHT Pinterest Course Summer Sale

Pinterest fans, I'm having a Summer Sale!
For the whole month of August you can get over 30% off my Pinterest training course, PINSIGHT.

Perfect for bloggers, brands and small businesses, this is all you need to master Pinterest, boost your traffic, grow sales and increase your email list.
It's available right now to help you learn the right Pinterest setup, how to master making the most effective pins, and fit pinning into your busy schedule.

Go check it out!

Where was the first place you lived on your own away from parents?

Unique and Eclectic mix of homeware and gifts | Industrial Furniture | Lighting | Wallpaper | Art

Shop of the Week: This week it's all about Rockett St George. Go check them out!

Photos de la publication de Love Chic Living

If you saw my living room reveal the other day you might be interested to learn more about the Moduleo UK - Luxury Vinyl Flooring we've used. It's a VINYL. I know, right? Nope it's not real wood and it's warm and comfortable and looks the business.

Do go and check it out if you want to find out more.
And thanks to Thomas Joseph Interiors for such a great fitting job!

What's your verdict on BBQ's? Love 'em or hate 'em. They're a bit messy ;)

What the best piece of storage in your home? Me - the kitchen coat rack!

Photos du journal

The latest Pinterest blog post has hit the internet!

Are you making these 3 common Pinterest mistakes? And quite likely harming your business and blog promotion in the process.

If you are, don't worry, I've given you the solutions and quick fixes too, (and mostly they're really simple).

I think no. 2 is probably the most common, what do you think?

New Tricks

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